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Waccamaw Watershed Wanderers Cue Sheet

Want a quality bike ride with more than 50 miles of smooth pavement in a low traffic, low density countryside ramble here in SE North Carolina.  Try the Lake Waccamaw Watershed Wanderers bike route.  The route includes more than a dozen miles along side interesting water features.  The swamp and deep woods may also help keep the ride cool for a mid summer ramble.  Better yet, pack your swim suit in your bike bag and cool off near the end of the ride with refreshing swim off the Lake Waccamaw State Park free swimming pier. Its a good place to refill your water bottle or enjoy their educational displays in air conditioned comfort too.  

Its just 40 miles west on 211 from Southport or 30 Miles down Hwy 74 from Wilmington.

Route distance options include the 9 miles out and back to the State Park for a total of 53 miles, or pull straight down Hwy 214 for a 44 mile ride or hang straight down 1731 all the way to 1730 and shave another 6 for a mere 38 mile ride.

Parking at Prayer Park in front of the church, across from the BP station in Bolton.   You may want to park at either the BP station or Longs burger stop if riding on a Sunday.

Head north on Hwy 214 for just a few blocks and turn left on Blacksmith Rd (Hwy 1800).

NW on Blacksmith for 2.3 miles and veer right onto Buckhead Rd (2141) .

At the Corner Grill (mile 4.1) turn left onto N Old Lake Rd.

Ride to mile 9.7 and take a right on Pocosin Rd (NC Hwy 1731)  riding NW.

At mile 12.8 take a right onto Lee Webb Rd (1732) just before the Freewill church.

Ride to Hwy 211 (15.9 mile mark) and take a left.

Follow 211 to mile 17.6 and take a left on Rosindale (1708).

Following Rosindale south west you see it turn into Old Northeast (1700) and will pass a fire rescue and a small grill.

Take a left on Hwy 1001 or Hallsboro rd riding east.

Pass over I74 and  fuel any low water bottles at corner gas in Hallsboro (Sams Pit Stop.

Continue riding a few blocks east till you come to a left turn onto Giles Byr Rd (Hwy 2141).

At Dupree Landing road vere right and ride to Lake Waccamaw.

Take a left at the lake and follow the Lake Shore Dr all around the north shore of the lake.

May want to stop in Dells Restaurant in town, Even if your not wanting a full meal, you can catch a cold drink on their patio overlooking the lake.

Continue along the north side via Lake shore Dr just like the 2005 Cycle NC route.  When you get to the roads left turn, leaving the lake, you have options.

Either take the second right to ride to Lake Waccamaw State park, or continue down Bartram Ln to Hwy 214.

Be sure to checkout the visitor center if riding to the state park.  ALthough it is at the front of the park, the bath rooms and swim pier are several more miles SE down the well paved road.  Double back to   Bartram Ln to catch the remaining route.

At Hwy 214 take a right and ride the 5 additional into Bolton and your waiting vehicle. 

If you didn't fuel up at one of the several grills along the way, you may want to check out the burgers just up the street at Longs in Bolton. They have good ice cream too.

Waccamaw Watershed Wanderer - Map

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