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Riding in big groups is no longer encouraged, but riding is. Our neighboring bicycle clubs of OIB and Cape Fear Cyclists are not group riding now. After consulting medical and/or scientific professionals in our group while reviewing an Article on cyclists Respiratory Signature with them, it is thought big group pacing, even at 6 distance, is to be discouraged. Riding with a partner that is not drafting or close by is likely okay. One might also consider using a mask to limit potential asymptomatic virus spread. For reference, the old schedule showed:

Tuesdays: were typically at 8:30am. Contact a St. James Plantation resident if interested in this ride, since permission is needed at the St. James Gate. Rides meet at the Harbor in St. James.

Wednesdays: were typically starting at 8:30am. This now starts back at the St. James West Gate Dosher Wellness Center parking lot at 3009 Medical Plaza Lane Southeast, Southport. The route will either be a Oak Island Loop or a Bolivia and/or Sunset Beach loop depending on attendees and the group consensus with inputs like the beach wind.

Fridays: were typically starting at 8:30am. The ride starts from either Island Biycles, 4324 Long Beach Rd SE, Southport, or Dosher Wellness Center parking lot at 3009 Medical Plaza Lane. The route will meet each group midway down Yatch drive for the regular Oak Island Friday Ride.


Cape Fear Cyclists and OIB have presently canceled group rides in the near future.

Adhoc rides:

Interested in any adhoc rides? Check on the messages in Brunswick County Pedalers Facebook page or ask to get into a frequent riders email/message group.

Planned Ride Cancelations:

Weather canceled rides are for any when the temperature at the start time is below 32 degrees, or radar tracks show steady rains within an hour from the start, or any lightening, tornado or high winds (>25mph) alert is posted for the area, then ride is presumed to be canceled.