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Cycling Education and Advocacy

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Safe and Enjoyable Cycling

The BBC places an emphasis on safe, enjoyable cycling, on the peaceful coexistence of bicyclists and motorists on the roads, and on cooperation with land managers and other trail users off the road. We promote courteous, responsible and predictable bicycling, including obeying all traffic rules and off-road regulations.  A helmet is required for all riders to be safe.  A great link for learning safe riding techniques is

Safe Paceline Etiquette

Learn to stay safe while in a paceline.  Read

Helmets and Safety

Each year Cycle NC and Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC sponsor “Blue Bikers”; cyclists identified to present safety lectures for 4th graders in around the state. Prior to each fall ride, cyclists meet with the students to discuss the ride and bike safety. Topics include: turn signals, bike maintenance, helmets (considered the No. 1 safety issue), riding the proper size bike, wearing appropriate clothing, how bike rides are organized and the geography of the ride. During the ride, cyclists email the class each day and respond to students’ questions. Teachers who participate have lesson plans that coordinate their social studies curriculum with the route of the ride; geography, climate, industry and history are all discussed as the riders make their way across the state. Dan and Karen Knighton have been Blue Bikers for 3 years meeting with students in Southport, Whiteville and Wilmington. Helmets, bike jerseys and a bicycle are all props for the presentation to give students a hands-on demonstration.


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