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Bolivia half Century, Cue Sheet

You can start at Andrew Cowell's place or Antioch Baptist Church.    Then, depending on weather, head either to Bolivia or toward the Brunswick Community College (option2).  The short ride 1.3 miles north down Midway Rd is best done outside of the 3:30 to 6:00pm time frame.  Heading North, catch the right on State 1512 and ride NE to Bolivia, 4.7 miles.   Taking a jog to the right one block puts you at a Gas & Grocery Resturant.  The bike route takes you back to the left on old Highway 17, .4 miles to State 1401, taking a right on Galloway Rd, ride across the new highway 17 and stay on it headed west then curving south for 7 miles.   At New highway 17 take a right for 1.2 miles til the light at, State 1532, where we take a left.  Go 2.2 miles until State 1501, then take a right on Gilbert Rd for 3.6 miles and decide how your legs feel.  If your looking for a longer ride, head right at State 1504.  Otherwise you only have 1.4 miles to the church or about 2.5 to Andrew's house.  For the more spirited, go right on 1504 for 1.3 miles, and catch the right turn to stay on State 1504 for another 2.9 miles.  Cross Hwy 211 and stay on State 1114 (Zion Hill rd) for 3.2 Miles, then take the right onto State 1112 for 3.7 miles and .3 miles to the right to get to the boat ramp and scenic Lockwood Folly. Retracing your ride back to the store puts you at mile 32.4 and ready for a recharge on your water bottles.  Heading back for 3.8 miles from Lockwood Folly, take a right on State rt 1112.  Ride 2.4 miles to Hwy 211 and then take a left for .5 miles to then go right at State 1505.  Ride for 1.3 mile until you get to State 1504.  Turn right on this leg that previosly took you to the river. Head down 1504 for 1.2 miles and take a right on State 1501 for 1.5 miles Antioch Baptist church and a 42.4 mile trip.  You can add Andrews house and a loop around (left and west at) Gilbert rd, back to the colleges and out New 17 south back to State 1504 to make it an even half century.
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