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Boiling Springs Bike-About , Cue Sheet

Looking for a ride past dozens of clear ponds, or one of Brunswick Counties largest farms? Try the Boiling Springs Bike-About; Complete with a real boiling spring, lake side air conditioning and a stores at both ends that serve real food, real good. It has mostly quiet residential, or peaceful farm country pedaling with only the stretch of 17 into Bolivia and the 87 crossing that can be hazzardous. Total mileage will run around 35.

Park at the Olde Brunswick General Store off Highway 133 in Boiling Springs. Park near the storage facility to avoid customer impact.
Get on 50 Lakes Dr northwest to Mirror Lake Rd
Follow Mirror Lake turns to Berryhill Rd and then take the left on Wimberly
Ride WimberleyRd til it turns to Dartmouth Rd and then into Cherokee.

Ride to the end of the sub-division and at the corner of Cheokee and Napache, park your bike and hike the 100 feet to the real boiling springs. Try and guess how deep it is.

Folllow NApacheRd NE until you run into Lumbee at mile 2.3.
Follow LumbeeRd south as it turns into Dartmouth Rd then onto slight right on Wimberly.
Follow Wimberley Rd (2.7 mile mark) to a left at Greenview Rd (for 1 block)
Take the right on Pinecrest ( 3.3 mi mark) to ride back onto your 50LakesDr1 westward trek.
Ride over the tracks on 50 Lakes Dr and take the second right on Edon ride
Go north on EdenDr crossing over the lakes Dam and by the second park, until you get to BoilingSpring Rd (5.5 mi mark)
Get on Boiling Spring Rd northeast and ride to Funston Rd SE (8.8 mi mark)
Take the left on Funston Rd and go northwest to Mile 10.3, where Funston takes a Left turn (C 1518).
Cross the tracks and follow Funston Rd SE 1 mile to Caison Loop.

Watch for Eagles and Ospreys that fish at the fish farm on the right.

Go right on Caison Loop past Lords Branch (must be blessed) until it once again spill on Funston.
At mile 12.8 take a right on Funston Rd and ride to Highway 87.
Carefully take the short left on 87 to get to MillCreek rd.
Take theMill Creek right (Mile 14) and ride west 2.6 miles.
At Highway 17 (OceanHwyE) carefully ride the 2 miles south (left) into Boilivia.

On Main St you can catch the Gas and Grill to fuel up as needed.
Once rested with your bottles filled, backtrack your steps and ride 17 northeast to Mill Creek Rd.

Back track on Mill Creek Rd to Highway 87.
At the Highway 87 intersection, mile 23.0, stay straight across 87 and ride the 2.2 miles down Old Mill Creek Rd SE
Take a left on Swain Rd SE and ride northeast to mile 25.5 mi
Catch a right on Funston Rd SE and ride east to the road turn, at 27.1 miles.
Take the Funston Rd SE right and and ride southeast to Boiling Springs rd.
Take the right at Boiling Spring Rd and ride west
After the tracks, get a left on Alton Lennon Dr and ride south (31.8 mi). This turns into EdenDr
Get a left on 50 Lakes Dr and ride east and back to the Olde Brunswick General Store and re-fuel at the well run country grill.

Mileage 34.4 with options of Danford Rd out of Bolivia and a North Shore pedal around Boiling Springs, it is easy to turn this into a half-century.


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